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beggars which are so-not-beggars!


do u think beggar is really a beggar?
read this and think back. LOL

Case study : Uptown Damansara.
Subject: Dedicated beggar.
Observation : roughly 100 tables (maybe more)
1 table = RM1.
Weekdays: 1 hour = +- RM80 (given the probability that 20 tables are short of small change or just plain stingy)
Duration time : +- 7pm-1am (6hrs) (vary on days and the effort of subject. can stretch out to 8 hrs per day)
Total earning (per day) : 80 x 6 = RM480
Weekends : double the income RM960 (maybe triple if peak season).
Total calculation : 480 x 5 + 960 x 2 = 4320 (per week) x 4 = RM 17280 is the common total gross for beggar in a month (without having required to pay tax) .
Modal beli tissue/calendar : +- RM100 per month.
Wow, i wouldnt mind marrying a beggar.
p/s : Feel free to spread and share.
p/s lagi : This is just a rough calculation of the earning. The figure depends on the day , weather , season and other manipulative variables. Should be the fix income for these beggars per month wont go lower than RM10k per month and might exceed RM20k per month (festive season , school holidays , people giving RM10 or RM5 instead of RM1)
Credit to: Diena Wong

"should be the fix income for these beggars ( dedicated one ) WONT GO LOWER THAN RM10k per month."

wow. wow. wow. these facts are amazing. 
do u now thinking of changing ur profession? lol. :P

beggars now are the name of a jobs.
jobs that give u tons of money. 
u just need a lil bit of acting skill, and thick skin faces. 

but for me. (like sincerely)
still, there is no need for us to go and beg others for money.
u have the so called 'tulang empat kerat',
u go and work la. 
gain the money with satisfaction. 
so that u can use the money with satisfaction.
the feeling ' i worked so hard for the money' itself yang buat kita macam awwh, im so deserved for this not so much money. 

x gitu?emm.

k bye.


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k bye. :)