Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy 22nd birthday!

Hello. This year im too bz to plan properly. So, we just went out to pizza hut wangsa maju to celebrate. We ordered everything we love. And give him this!

Not even wrapping it! Haha kesian betol. I just make a ribbon( if that looked like a ribbon) out of leftover clothes i have.

Happy birthday! :)

Insyaallah after this i'll find u a bday cake.


Did i ever tell u that currently im doing my endocrinology at hospital putrajaya? If yes, never mind. If no then... Hurmm yes, im doing endocrinology at HPJ now.

So getting up at 6 am every morning, be ready before 6.30 am as our so called 'driver' will loyally wait for us are not 'weird' things to do. Awwhh. Tired? Yes. But it fun! *big grin*

Whats make it more interesting is when yesterday we 'good friends' went to explore putrajaya! Omg! It was soooo fun~~ weee.

After 'begging' musa to drive, he agreed and off we go to putrajaya by car~~ despite of few hurdles which are 'traffic jam', musa's car buat hal whatsoever, sampai jugak kat putrajaya.

Now, putrajaya sight-seeing start!

none of us are from kl/selangor which make it more fun! Jalan situu waaaaa, jalan sini weeee. Serius kelaka!

Ok now, lets the picture do the job~

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ola peplum

Hye. Just sharing me wearing ola peplum red from thepoplook! Nice... Make me look thinner.. Hehe howevwer the flowiness of the skirt make my butt look big... Hahaha

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Batch 9 announcement

Hye... Boldest kembali lagiii hehe
Tomorrow will update batch 9.. Please visit our fb page. Tq.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

brenda blouse

me wearing brenda blouse berry
padankan dengan shirt extender... untuk cover bontot


in henley tunic

pakai henley tunic white pegi exam. wewe.. :)
suke sangat baju nii. simple je....

baju dah kosong, haruslah padankan dengan tudung kaler kaler. ehes.

sorry gambo cam scary. xde dahi.
serious cacat.

haa, nampak tak dunkin' donut kat sebelah.?

ada orang bagi.
sekali bagi 6 ketol.. 
perisa cekelat lak tuh.. keh keh.
motif sangat... alasan, x tahu nak pilih perisa ape... 

nhow, tq! :)

owh ye, sedang mencari printed square hijab boleh la jenguk sini...

Friday, March 8, 2013

ola peplum blouse in red

new collection of mine from thepoplook
ye. saya sangat gile blouse... :)

ola. tak try lagi.. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

henley tunic

i shopping lagi.

preloved from tpl group. :)

henley tunic white.

i love white top. hee.

tunggu naa i upload gambar2 i pakai top2 yang i beli ni.. :)

next on list, ola peplum. harap2 comeyy.

short update

esok exam oscee surgery

tapi mood study tak mai lagi. hehe. 

and nak update sal 3rd march this year. :D

hint : 

waiitt naa. love love

Monday, March 4, 2013

don't snatch!

hye, here i am shamelessly quoting my friend's fb status without telling her. hahahaheheihuihui.

lets read them first, should we?

“A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other...Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever”

nak huraikan sikitt. hehe.

from my sight of view, it is so true.

sorry la kalo ko rasa aku ni narrow minded ke ape.
but really, man and woman can't really be a closed without any feeling tangling around.
sad, but true story indeed.

everybody nak such lovely love story.
start as a friend, then bila dah close, develop feeling and the future later on is a mystery to be solved. 
kekal ke tak, bahagia ke tak, those elements are another different thing. 

but, this only applicable kalo due2 single.
if both are single, yes u may proceed. xde sape nak halang.

but, if not, please la jangan. jangan la nak menyebok relationship orang lain.
unless kalau u dah mintak permission dari pasangan orang yang x single itu.

i don't oppose kawen banyak.
our holy religion, islam itself allow poligami, so who am  i to oppose it?

but i do believe in good manner.
don't snatch other people thing.
if u really want it, then please do it in a most respectful way.

dah pandai sangat nak jugak, pandai la mintak clash, pandai la mintak permission.
yeah, definitely not easy, but, u must do it.
jangan treat the other person macam orang bodoh.

once u do it to other people, seriously nanti ko kena jugak macam tuh.
penah dengar karma, what goes around comes around? penah dengar?
kalau ko x kena, anak cucu cicit ko yang kena.

ye, aku sangat emotional.
sebab aku sangat lah tak suka kejadah curang curang ni especially when we are the one yang di betray.
seriously feel like puking.

and to the one yang have been betrayed..
jangan bersedih because u should be happy.
sebab u don't deserve orang tuh.

im writing feeling sooo very emotional right now.
so lets stop this. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

BATCH 8 | boldestsquarehijab

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