Friday, November 16, 2012


Salam readers akuskevampire. :)
Kejadahh la link blog aku "akuskevampire" an.. tak comel langsungg.
Tuh la. Bila terlajak baru tergadah. eh?

Ok, as titles speaks.
Today nak up collection bawal pelangi yang comel gileeee macam cotton candy pon ada.
Sume ni di jual kat Boldest Square Hijabs

Sume tudung atas ni Harga : RM 16/ piece

Harga : RM 19/piece

Mahal sikit sebab ada bunga bunga dan berlian. Eceh. :)

So, apa lagi?

Silalah berkunjung ke BOLDEST SQUARE HIJABS stat.

Bye u olls.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

BOLDEST : square hijabs batch 3!

Salam to all readers.

Boldest Time again.

For batch 3, there are 15 different designs. 
I divided them into floral, paisley and abstract.

All items are RM 24 except stated not
All items are made from chiffon except stated not

Postage Rate
Semenanjung - RM 6
Sabah Sarawak - RM 9

Price : RM 20
Material : ?


Price : RM 20
Material : Crepe


if you are interested with our square hijabs,
boleh cari BOLDEST SQUARE HIJABS kat facebook.
PM us there, insyaAllah we will get to you ASAP.

or u can simply leave your comments here.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Reblog : A perfect life with my husband (?)



in 4,5 years from now, 
i will be married. 
and have my own childs.

30 years afterward

i sit on the sofa cozyly..
i looked back into time.
reminiscing the old time.


when im happily married, and happy with my kids
and i raised my kids well.
being able to watch them grow up is the best things that ever happen to me.
with my supportive husband by my side, 
my life can't be more great.

my kids always make me proud,
with their excellent grades during their school life.
as a reward, on the school holiday..
my husband and i will took them on a vacation.
everything seems perfect! 
i love my husband and my kids.

now, my kids have grown up and so far healthy 
my little boy turned to be a handsome guy.
while my little girl turned to be a pretty lady.

one day, my son complained about him having a headache.
I told him to get himself checked at the hospital.

as the malay saying says,
"langit xselalu cerah"

well the saying is so true.
my son came home that night.

and he broke the bad news.
'mak, abang ada blood cancer, white blood cancer, a.k.a leukemia'

i'm speechless.
tears flowing on my cheeks. 


editted by me by using my wild imagination, based on a true story.

everything is perfect, flawless right at first?
but suddenly, everything goes upside down.
druuung! semua ranap, nak tengok anak kahwin dan the smooth flow in the future.
cucu ape semua..

ape ntah rasa dia?
sedih. memang akan rasa sedih sangat.
nak jadi kuat untuk anak pon tatau macam mana.
mintak jauh lah benda ni jadi in my future.

kalau korang, how are u gonna face with it?

Monday, November 5, 2012

digital drawing

a very cincai work. :)

3 cerita

cerita 1 :

entah kenapa rasa nak makan nasik cam takde.
mungkin sebab lidah asyik nak makan nasi goreng kampung shahirah yang sedaaaaap gila tuh.
tapi bila pergi situ asyik tutup je. 
mencik! :'( tolong lah aku nak sangat.


cerita 2 :

hari ni first day posting baru iaitu primary care medicine.
i feel quite excited actually.
sebab inilah masanya aku nak collect segala ilmu pasal clinic kan.
mana lah tau in future nak bukak clinic sendiri ke kan? tee-hee! who knowss? :D

and tadi macam nak lantik ketua group kecik.
macam group 2, ketua kelas memang dalam group tuh.
so group 1 iaitu gerup aku takde ketua lagi.
aku pon dok bising bising calon orang tuh, orang ni.
sekali malang tak berbau. aku lak yang kena.
haiiih, seriously menyesal. sobss.

so, officially, aku ketua group jugak lah. haaaaih. 

cerita 3 :

aku melukis guna excel. based on tutorial ofkosss.
waaaa excited okei.
nah gambaaa!

first try : ketupat

second try : female eyes. the eyelashes are hay wired.

third try : colourful fan. :)

cantik taaaak? :)

ok dah. byebye

Friday, November 2, 2012

wrapping up my ortho posting, haha not yet!

lemme update about my current posting.

well, actually now i am in orthopedic posting. and this is the last week.

bad lisa bad.
last week baru nak habaq sini? ish ishh. hehe

sorry ya. i did not know where my blogging spirit wander to. aishh.

last week means exam week. hehe.
so yesterday i just finished my short case. 
dengan dr omar. jyeah! 

i think i didn't screw up. i think la. i didn't know what dr omar think. hehe.
alhamdulillah. thanx to ALLAH. 

hurmm. n after this i will be having my ospe
hurmmm. (again?) 

harapan? biar lah boleh di jawab soalan soalan nya. amin!

can't wait to wrap up ortho posting.
thinking of future speciality, ortho is quite interesting. hehe

DR Fairudz punye pesanan :

teruskan usaha. which means, there's a looooot more for me to learn in order to become a good doctor.

and i believe, to become a good doctor, it will not become a day effort or even a two months effort.
i have to really practice and get used to it and read more and practice more and understand more.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

BOLDEST : square hijab batch 2!

salam to all my dearest readers. 
hye u olls.

so as the title stated..

here are our printed square hijabs : THE SECOND BATCH! :)


why bone? because when i learnt histo before, i found that the design are like bone histology. betooooool. aku x tipuuuuuu.... hehhe. btw, ape aku merepek? aku je yang tau. lol

Code : bone blue
Price : RM 18 (exclude postage) + RM 6/RM 9 (postage)

Code : bone green (only one left)
Price : RM 18 (exclude postage) + RM 6/RM 9 (postage)


why tribal? its obviouss mehh. with the zig zag pattern on it! so cantik! 
it comes with three main colours : green, blue, and purple. :)

Code : tribal green
Price : RM 18 (exclude postage) + RM 6/RM 9 (postage)

Code : tribal blue
Price : RM 18 (exclude postage) + RM 6/RM 9 (postage)

Code : tribal purple
Price : RM 18 (exclude postage) + RM 6/RM 9 (postage)


Code : floral brown
Price : RM 18 (exclude postage) + RM 6/RM 9 (postage)

Code : floral dark blue. 
Price : RM 18 (exclude postage) + RM 6/RM 9 (postage)

ps : percaya lah yang ni mmg lawaaaa sangat. tambah tambah pakai dengan baju putihh. jubah putih, cun!

Code : floral white (sold out)
Price : RM 18 (exclude postage) + RM 6/RM 9 (postage)

if u are interested with our printed square hijab,
boleh log in facebook. cari BOLDEST SQUARE HIJAB ye.
PM kami kat situ ye. 
insyaAllah we will get to u asap.


u can email me at

but i prefer if u pm me at boldest's page at FB..

any inquiries pon boleh guna cara cara di atas. 

ok ye... takat tuh je la. :)


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