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not yet hee

today is "searching material for new batch" day. if u are blur about what i am talking about. actually, i sell square tudungs.  just drop by if u want to. the link of the blogshop ada kat tepi ni. <---- scroll until u jumpe it.  ok. now lets jump to the story today. ------------------------ while loitering in the shop, we decided to go up to the 2nd floor. and then, one of the "akak kedai kain" say this. "adik cari baju pengantin ke? sini ada ni adik... " ohok ohok ohok. akak! why u say dat?? huuu. i was so embarrassed at that time.  so i walked so fast and i left him behind to walk alone. and after that, he was like. "haaa, u dengar tak ape akak tuh cakap?" i nodded. and super embarrassed.  teros jalan cepat cepat cari material.. -.-"  lepas tuh baru komen... and i won't tell u. haha. ok dah bye. :)

cerita hobbit aku

emm how should i tell u? i wanna make it simple. cerita tuh pasal a journey of the hobbit yg bernama bilbo baggins (kalo x silap la?) baggins ni uncle frodo! ala frodo yang dalam cerita lord of the rings tuh. i don't know the stories actually. i pon was told by friends of mine dalam cinema semalam. ok back to story, baggins tibe tibe jadi the choosen one yg dipilih oleh wizard. nama die gandalf. gandalf ni nak tolong the drawf to resus their place back, underground mountain (kot?) so they need help from a hobbit to become their thief. sebab hobbit ni kecik.  sesuai la untuk jadi thief. based on cerita tuh la. but i haven't know yet roles of hobbit tuh actually. tp he is awesome. i mean nampak tak awesome, but he did something great.  paham tak paham tak? ayat lepas ni bakal buat koranng annoyed. nak lagi paham pegi lah tengok. :)

the hobbit

salam sebab stress semalam hari ni aku berjoli sengal kan? aku g tengok wayang cerita the hobbit 2 jam 40 miinit aku dalam tuh kebekuan komen : best! cerita tuh best sangat! :) esok aku sambung cerita. sekarang ngantuk. babai.

jadual exam disaster

salam jadual exam. 31/12/2012 9-10am : PBQ Phpm 10.45-11.45am : mcq ortho 11.45-12.15pm : meq ortho 2.30-3.30pm : mcq pcm 3.30-4.00pm : meq pcm 4.00-5.00pm : mcq a+e 2/1/2013 : oscee pcm gile la akhir tahun. huuu stress. status nik nurlisa kat facebook. nampak tak? baca tak? paham tak? huhu. ini gila korang tahu. isnin, first day exam week. boleh dikatakan kitorang akan exam from 9am to 5pm straight la kan? OHEMGEE phpm --> ortho --> pcm --> a&e ini disaster gile ni. hari bersih tinggal 18 hari lah. 2 minggu 4 hari.  owh did i say 18 days? actually its 9 days. 9 DAYS OKAY! hurmm.  my life won't be bright as usual. how was that? take it or leave it? of course take it and face it.

palliative care and pizza?

salam.... alhamdulillah... my palliative care slide dah siap.  glad to have such group.  very fast and efficient. and i am one of the lucky presenter. adeiii.  harap harap everything will be okay lah. the case is about patient with gastric adenocarcinoma stage 4 with adrenal gland metastasis. prognosis is poor. management is mainly about pain, and moral support. i hope i can do well on behalf on my group. and thanx you to one of my friend sebab sudi belanja kami kami ni makan pizza. he paid all! thank youuu so much!! :) sedaaaaap gileeee ok.

banyak bendaaa

PCM is so hectic. at the last week everything coming piling up for me ready to settled. which i hope they can be settled in this week. this is problemo. damn. lemme list. sharing some (emm, i wanna share all! tak kira) with all of u won't hurt or adding some more stress to u readers? :) i hope so. ok first.  current posting jobs that need to be settled. 1) Case Write Up. I will be discussing on chronic case, DM and HPT 30% settled 2) Audit - I have to discuss on the matter. hurmm? 3) Palliative Care Presentation - owh owh. tak start langsung lagi. sobs. 4) Study for exams. Still got discussion to be made. Haiyaaa. Consultations lagi... Huwaaa Past Posting.  Revise Revise and revise. ORTHO. EMERGENCY. PHPM banyaaaaaak gileeee. ohemgeee.

Luan Legacy

He's Asian. But living in USA. Houstan if im not mistaken. Houstan is in USA, no?  I just love him. I love the way he talks. He rants on true story that make he pissed off and the way he rants is funnneeeey. Like Really Funny.  I don't remeber how i came across his channel tho. Maybe zaman zaman i was addicted to youtube dulu dulu kot. His video tadek la macam sharing facts ke hape ke... Not ilmiah la. But if u wanna release stress ke hape... boleh la. Cuz he's funny. So check his channel on Youtube. If u want to. Luan Legacy. <3


salam.. batch 5! :) sorry for a very late update pasal the latest batch from boldest. some items are available.. some are already sold out.  so......if u are interested, please check our fb page to order ye.. like our page too... search for BOLDEST SQUARE HIJABS OK? :)


why am i so talkative? til my talk hurts someone's feeling. maybe i should remain silent. just like before.  ---------------------- only GOD knows how much i miss my home, my mother, my father, my sibs. i wish i am rich now so that i can buy flight tickets and fly home.  goshh. go away stupid feelings. i hate you.


kenapa eh? awal awal semangat berkobar kobar nak update blog. bila dah bukak tengah taip ni. tak ada mood langsung nak menaip. hurmmm ape aku tulis ni sume apa yang bermain dalam otak aku sekarang. hehe. nak update pasal boldest 5th batch. tapi malasnya... huuuu. check it out dekat FB je la ye... :) ok lah bye... 


Salam readers akuskevampire. :) Kejadahh la link blog aku "akuskevampire" an.. tak comel langsungg. Tuh la. Bila terlajak baru tergadah. eh? Ok, as titles speaks. Today nak up collection bawal pelangi yang comel gileeee macam cotton candy pon ada. Sume ni di jual kat  Boldest Square Hijabs Sume tudung atas ni  Harga : RM 16/ piece Harga : RM 19/piece Mahal sikit sebab ada bunga bunga dan berlian. Eceh. :) So, apa lagi? Berminat? Silalah berkunjung ke  BOLDEST SQUARE HIJABS  stat. Bye u olls.

BOLDEST : square hijabs batch 3!

Salam to all readers. Boldest Time again. For batch 3, there are 15 different designs.  I divided them into floral, paisley and abstract. *Reminder* All items are RM 24 except stated not All items are made from chiffon except stated not Postage Rate Semenanjung - RM 6 Sabah Sarawak - RM 9 Floral Price : RM 20 Material : ? Abstract Price : RM 20 Material : Crepe Paisley if you are interested with our square hijabs, boleh cari BOLDEST SQUARE HIJABS kat facebook. PM us there, insyaAllah we will get to you ASAP. or u can simply leave your comments here. babai..