Tuesday, December 18, 2012

banyak bendaaa

PCM is so hectic.
at the last week everything coming piling up for me ready to settled.
which i hope they can be settled in this week.
this is problemo. damn.

lemme list. sharing some (emm, i wanna share all! tak kira) with all of u won't hurt or adding some more stress to u readers? :)

i hope so.

ok first. 

current posting jobs that need to be settled.

1) Case Write Up. I will be discussing on chronic case, DM and HPT 30% settled
2) Audit - I have to discuss on the matter. hurmm?
3) Palliative Care Presentation - owh owh. tak start langsung lagi. sobs.
4) Study for exams. Still got discussion to be made. Haiyaaa. Consultations lagi... Huwaaa

Past Posting. 

Revise Revise and revise.


banyaaaaaak gileeee. ohemgeee.

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