Tuesday, July 24, 2012

hye there fella!

hye. i'm back.

did anybody noticed? HAHA.
wait wait, noticed what? owh damn. 
noticed i had disappeared for a while lahh. T_T
ok fine lah korang. hahaha.

anyhow, to those yang perasan.
i am truly sorry.

i had some personal problems.
and had been thinking of shutting this blog off.

i dont really know. 
maybe because, this blog meant a lot to me, and somehow the memories here is fond to me.
i just want to get rid of those memories.
at that time la.
now, i want it back. hahaa. -.-"

ok lah, i will update more later.

by the way, selamat menyambut ramadhan. 
cherish this month truly with honesty and all the good qualities hidden in yourself! 
showww it! cherish it! :)

lets make this year's ramadhan better than before.

ok buruk. bye!

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