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Cabaran 1 Hari 10 Gambar

i modify sikit the challenge. so here we go. pictures go in sequence.  day 1 - your facebook profile picture day 2 - a photo of yourself a year ago day 3 - a photo of someone you love day 4 - a photo that makes you happy day 5- a photo of you making a funny face day 6 - a photo of a former crush day 7 - a photo of u and your best friend day 8 - your most recent photo of you day 9 - a photo you have taken day 10 - a photo that make you laugh             k bye. 

new posting

bismillah tomorrow will be my next posting. the third posting. Paediatrics And Adolescent. may Allah bless me and all my friends.  and may all of us succeed in this 2-months posting.  insyaAllah.

random #2

i'll remain silence. so, don't bother asking. because i'm not telling. #pleasesangatsangat

random #1

so true. but i never bother the second chances. but now, that incident make me realize. life is not that long. as if i had been given a truly second chance to live. #thankyouAllah

i baked carrot cake.

i baked carrot cake. recipe cilok joy of baking kot. in the 'cooling' process. a friend of mine said it looked like 'tauhu'.  cruel u! i divided the cake into two. that's why it looked more nipis. then i scrapped cream cheese on top of it.  i know its terbalik. and its comot. -.-" lepas scrap je, tros makan. -.-" ok gak la rasa die.  even comot. lepas masuk fridge, texture die okay skit. tapi x amik gambor plak.  heee.  first try ni, next time buat i nak taruk kismis skali! nyumm. k bye.

baik dan taik

buat baik. memang bagus. tapi macam mana kalau kita buat baik. tapi orang buat taik kat kita? ----------------------> penah dengar pepatah.. lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama? sapi dapat nama sebab dia lah yang macam baik. padahal back bone nye si lembu. pfffft. k bye

dear lisa :)

i must learn how to accept people the way they are. they might be imperfect but they are the one, the true companion to me. OTHER people might/will say something. they have mouth so they will talk. (factual) they will criticize. they will talk behind me. but, other fact is i just need to ignore them all and their talking.  their talking didn't do anything to me. they won't give me any effect. ( -- like seriously, lisa?-- ) ------------------------------- whatever <--- truly, i must be proud with what i have. because i am the one who lucky enough to have what i have right now. just imagine what my life will be IF  i lost what i have right now. i'm the one who will be affected. i'm the one who will be sad. i'm the one. my life. is about me. i should think of myself more. hurm. *post edisi tayang gambar*  same goes to my study,  should think of my study more. LOL and so far, banyak lagi benda yang xbaca. tapi still sangat relax bagai  mawar yang sedang

terer gilaaa!

i rasa jambatan ni awesome  k bye! :P


assalamualaikum. semalam i went to IKEA. for dinner with meatballs.  with rad and lil. it was a very sudden plan. i masuk kereta, rad tiba tiba ajak g ikea. lil dengan baju kurung. and i yang sangat selebet. selebet aku here means SANGAT selebet ok? bukan selebet biasa ye.  my selebet attire was, T-shirt covered with borrowed sweater. a TRACKSUIT. and selipa jepun pow. pegi IKEA pakaaaai tracksuit tuhh!  ye lah, i tot nak pegi makan kedai tepi jalan je. and aku pon biasanya take-away. bukan dine-in. anyhow, on the way there, its was disaster. we sesat once. dengan so many roads. luckily we managed to choose the correct road. when we saw ikea on our left, we was very happy, excited and all. :P selepas berjaya sampai sana. bermulalah meatball hunting. 3-3 orang jakun xpenah makan meatballs. sume beli meataball 5 pieces satu sorang. and take side dishes satu. i amik daim cake. rad amik roti pemende ntah. and lil amik pasta. bayar dulu. then makan makan timeee! :) our meatballs

papago x5 malaysia

assalamualaikum to those yang nak install PAPAGO for your android phone. i had made a tutorial just for u guys. click here just follow the instructions wisely, okay? :D make sure u download all the parts first.  instead of losing RM50 just to install this application, u will eventually save RM50 woo. okay? :)