Saturday, November 12, 2011

dear lisa :)

i must learn how to accept people the way they are.
they might be imperfect but they are the one, the true companion to me.

OTHER people might/will say something.
they have mouth so they will talk. (factual)
they will criticize. they will talk behind me.

but, other fact is i just need to ignore them all and their talking. 

their talking didn't do anything to me. they won't give me any effect. ( -- like seriously, lisa?-- )

------------------------------- whatever <---

truly, i must be proud with what i have.
because i am the one who lucky enough to have what i have right now.

just imagine what my life will be IF i lost what i have right now.
i'm the one who will be affected.
i'm the one who will be sad. i'm the one.

my life. is about me.
i should think of myself more. hurm.

*post edisi tayang gambar* 

same goes to my study, 
should think of my study more. LOL

and so far, banyak lagi benda yang xbaca.
tapi still sangat relax bagai mawar yang sedang mekar. erk. 

k bye.

1 comment:

:-: Nizam27391 :-: said...

firstly.. teramat2 btol... sila appreciate wht you have now.. who cares about others...

second... gambar bagi la btoi2... penat cameraman ambik cantik2.. tapi senget..

third..mawar yang sedang mekarr.. haaaha

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