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treating myself

hellow people sometime, treating myself with something that is considered to be expensive to me is quite good. i get myself a dress from the poplook. crimped peplum tunic in yellow cantek sangat! :) i like. it fit well actually. bahu ok, dada ok. but personally, i think just kena kurus sikit baru lagi lawa kot bile pakai. heee. a floral blouse and mini skirt that will act as shirt extension from H&M.  and next on the list is a long dress for my cousin's wedding and also a pair of jeans to replace my old jeans. buruk ya amat. and i want to go to brand outlet to look for blouse.  my friend told me the price are quite reasonable and it has big and loose clothes which is perfect for muslimah like me. :)


hellow mari sini nak cerita pasal perkara tadi. ------------------------------------------------------ sedang membuat physical examination yakni pemeriksaan fizikal kat satu patient lelaki ni. "encik, saya nak periksa jantung ye. boleh bukak baju tak?" patient angguk. on inspection, terlihat lah two erythema (redness) like lesion on the left chest.  aku pon menanya lah beliau dengan excitednya. "encik ini merah merah kenapa ye?" "owh.. itu kena gigit" "gigit dek hama ke encik?" "owh tak lah, orang gigit" sambil mengerling kepada isterinya yang sedang ketawa kecil. --------------------------------------------------- ok. :|

one fine day

hye!  i came across these picture on tumblr just now.  and tak tahu kenapa tapi rasa sedih bile tengok gambar ni.  once upon a time, i am a soldier once upon a time, i am a writer once upon a time, i am a scientist once upon a time, i am a carpenter once upon a time, i am a lawyer once upon a time, i am a fireman once upon a time, i am a nurse once upon a time, i am a actress once upon a time, i am a singer once upon a time, i am a policeman and for me, one day, im gonna see myself in the mirror too. and i hope i can reflect myself for being a good muslim, a good doctor. someone who is kind and lovable. i hope so

my weight is

my current weight is tet tet point tet kg gila berat nak mampos. baru umo 22 tahun kot tahun ni. tolong la lisa. go out and run, exercise, intense walk.  do whatever to burn out those calories live healthier! can prevent many unnecessary disease later on. with my lifestyle now, i am not surprised if one day i have all those chronic disease. so, now i will start to exercise! :) pray to me!  i will update day by day about how much i lose weight. insyaAllah.


*drumroll* launching the sixth batch from us,  BOLDEST SQUARE HIJAB (BSH) come and visit us! we do business via facebook page. drop a comment there! :)

exams and new posting

owh didnt i tell u i have finished the exam. and didn't i wish "HAPPY NEW YEAR"? oh my god, what has happen to me nowadays. aiyo. anyhow, lets revisit the exam day. which was on 31st december 2012. yeah, its the last day of the year. and as i say before 6 papers to fight. owh did i forgot to mention? 6 papers in a day.  after finished all those papers, i went back to my room hoping to fall asleep. but i can't.  i online macam nak gile. excited kot.  even, i asked my friend to go out makan makan.  but i end up pening pening head ache dalam kereta and slept.  sorry! hehe balik bilik teros tidur.  i don't realized if i sleep that night i will be in a new 2013 year the day i woke up that morning. bringing us to 1st January 2013 hence, HAPPY NEW YEAR readers. this year, i won't think about resolutions. i just wann my money. haha after finishing my case write up and all, i studied a lil bit for next exam which is

keep calm and be responsible

this is a rant. go away if u don't wanna read it. can't u people be responsible of what u  are required to do? because that time, as far as i remember, we are already gebang2 about the task. how can u ask so snob, so arrogant? i can't even think la the way u think. how are u going to manage your patient if u can't be responsible to these little task? is it not important? then don't u dare use or take a look at it. be part of it then u can, if not, u don't deserve it. AT ALL. i'm so touched with one of my male friend. his attitude is like the one who does not care all these things, but he's the one who came to me and ask me, what was his task.. and one of my friend are willing to open back the document (via her ipad) (because my hp was way too small hee) to see how i delegate the job. seriously, i was touched. the one who act like don't care is the one who care. and the one u look like care, is the one who does not bother to care. an