Friday, January 4, 2013

keep calm and be responsible

this is a rant. go away if u don't wanna read it.

can't u people be responsible of what u  are required to do?

because that time, as far as i remember, we are already gebang2 about the task. how can u ask so snob, so arrogant? i can't even think la the way u think. how are u going to manage your patient if u can't be responsible to these little task? is it not important? then don't u dare use or take a look at it. be part of it then u can, if not, u don't deserve it. AT ALL.

i'm so touched with one of my male friend. his attitude is like the one who does not care all these things, but he's the one who came to me and ask me, what was his task.. and one of my friend are willing to open back the document (via her ipad) (because my hp was way too small hee) to see how i delegate the job. seriously, i was touched. the one who act like don't care is the one who care. and the one u look like care, is the one who does not bother to care.

and what i really angry about is when u with your snobby nose, not even care, or acting like you know, and lastly u end up coming to me saying, "lisa, i forgot la the task.. how aaa?".. i feel la punching really. pffft. but sabarr. 

seriously la people? 

future doctor, please act like one. please please please.

and one more thing, i did that for a reason. not because i'm lazy or selfish. funny la all these people.

being all selfish when u r required not to be selfish/when u r not being watched. but out of sudden, being all not selfish when u r being watched.

what we called aaa these people? pathetic? attention seeker? hypocrite?

when dealing with not so many people, u don't know your job. the why when u are dealing with many people suddenly, u know.

and the worst part is, stealing what i did. i know my job. i will get it done. don't mess with it. i have reasons why i did not give it.. haiyoo. bullshit la all these.

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