Wednesday, January 30, 2013

treating myself

hellow people

sometime, treating myself with something that is considered to be expensive to me is quite good.

i get myself a dress from the poplook.

Crimped Peplum Tunic - Yellow

crimped peplum tunic in yellow

cantek sangat! :) i like. it fit well actually.
bahu ok, dada ok.

but personally, i think just kena kurus sikit baru lagi lawa kot bile pakai. heee.

a floral blouse and mini skirt that will act as shirt extension from H&M. 

and next on the list is a long dress for my cousin's wedding and also a pair of jeans to replace my old jeans. buruk ya amat.

and i want to go to brand outlet to look for blouse. 

my friend told me the price are quite reasonable and it has big and loose clothes which is perfect for muslimah like me. :)

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