Monday, January 7, 2013

exams and new posting

owh didnt i tell u i have finished the exam.
and didn't i wish "HAPPY NEW YEAR"?

oh my god, what has happen to me nowadays.

anyhow, lets revisit the exam day. which was on 31st december 2012.
yeah, its the last day of the year. and as i say before 6 papers to fight.
owh did i forgot to mention? 6 papers in a day. 

after finished all those papers, i went back to my room hoping to fall asleep.
but i can't. 

i online macam nak gile. excited kot. 
even, i asked my friend to go out makan makan. 
but i end up pening pening head ache dalam kereta and slept. 
sorry! hehe

balik bilik teros tidur. 

i don't realized if i sleep that night i will be in a new 2013 year the day i woke up that morning.

bringing us to 1st January 2013 hence, HAPPY NEW YEAR readers.

this year, i won't think about resolutions.
i just wann my money. haha

after finishing my case write up and all, i studied a lil bit for next exam which is on the next day.

so now, its 2nd of January 2013. exam day. oscee day. 


talk talk talk.

i have 'THAT' confidence when it came to talking but i'm afraid of my knowledge.
i afraid i didn't know much about the things they required me to talk.

anyhow, i did it.
but, i didn't know about the result. 
i hope they are fine. 

at the same day i went home to my beloved hometown. heee.

after spending some time here. tibe tibe terlajak lak.
isnin kat rumah lagi. cish. haha

anyhow, welcome surgery posting.
please don't be harsh on me. hehe. :)

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