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Neurology posting

Currently im doing neurology posting at hkl. I like neurooo cause signs mmg banyaaaak sangat~~ buat sikit dapat brisk reflexes yada yada. Tengok je dah tau patient ada nystagmus, intention tremor. Mmg apa yang belajar sume ada.

But yeah neuro is complex. 2-3 days left for neuro. Huhu. Cam sedih. Lepas ni cardio/general medicine pulak. Huhuhu.

What i like the best pasal posting ni of course la the posting itself but im so grateful to be in my group now. Friends are awweeesome! :)

One thing i didnt like is...

Ward n clinic is faaaaar like urgghhh. N kat ward xde surau. Library ok. Patient ok. Specialist n doctors n nurse n staff are so helpful.

Happy bday azie!

Rasanya ni 1st time kot smbut bday aZie. Im not sure but i think its the first.

Basically us, the housemates bought groupon voucher of manhattan fish long time ago but since azie rarely came to college the celeb is postponed again n again hahaha

Groupon really gave us a great deal. We were so delightful with the meal n i personally think it worth every penny i spent. But i didnt bother much about the name of the meal cause im too bz snapping pictures that i will share with i guys afterward so sorry bout that.

Supposely it should be like a suprise bday party. But due to few circumstances, we had to tell her that we are celebrating her bday so she is the one who drove yesterday. So . Haih for that.

Story cut short.

We suprised her the other way round. Bought her a cake. Gave the cake to the restaurant's owner. Politely nego with them. The waiter came to us while bringing the cake. Sing birthday's song. And yes, she was suprised~ hehe. So mission accomplished!

So to azie, my…