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BOLDEST : TEASER square hijab batch 2

salam. hye. insyaAllah i will start updating these square hijabs soon!  wait for it. :) ADD us :  here LIKE us :  here salam.

BOLDEST : TEASER : sakura bead bawal

SALAM. comel seyh tudung bawal yang corak ala ala shawl radiusite ni.  i love it once my eyes lay on it for the first time. kira cam love at the first sight gak la. hehe. :) cantik kan? :) aww price : RM45/piece anda nak? boleh drop comment ok for more details.

over excited medical student, yeah us

guess what? today, i went to Operation Theater for observing.. yeah, what a medical students always do. tee-hee! owh tembunnye.  this is also what medical student always do. we got over excited. duhh. and take our own pictures in surgical attire. LOL. now we also got tudung like cap.. :) however, i had to stated this! it was a case of left neck of femur fracture. procedure done was bipolar hemiarthroplasty. haha. fortunately, i got a case of neck of femur fracture too to be writen! now, i got the similar idea how was my patient's surgery back then. :)

BOLDEST : square hijab BATCH 1

salam.  hari ni nak jual tudung. SQUARE HIJAB BATCH 1 if ada yang interested, maka boleh lah ye.. eheh description sikit lah ye. measurement : 1Mx1M.  material : crepe like (except stated not) price : RM 18 (exc postage) CODE : A1  DOTTIE PINK STATUS : AVAILABLE CODE : A2  DOTTIE YELLOW STATUS : AVAILABLE CODE : A3  DOTTIE PURPLISH BLUE STATUS : RESERVED CODE : A4 *BUKAN CREPE*   ABSTRACT FLORAL GREEN AND PURPLE STATUS : NOT AVAILABLE CODE : A5  PULP BROWN STATUS : AVAILABLE any pertanyaan leh  like  Boldest Square Hijab  supaya boleh berinteraksi dengan lebih jaya. :) ask us if u wanna a restock okay?  insyaAllah, we will restock for you.

grey anatomy season 9

grey anatomy season 9 watched episode 1 and 2 of it. too much sadness! :'(

dinner @ bangkok house

hello. apa khabar loyal readers? :) (if any) ok lah. hari ni i wanna share pasal hari tu kitorang dinner. saya dan kawan saya. (hikhik) lepas drama, merajuk berbaik merajuk berbaik. at last, group on bangkok house tuh kitorang beli jugak. so, last 2 weeks.. akhirnya kitorang pergi la makan bangkok house tuh. kat sunway giza, damansara. haruslah guna GPS. celah mana sunway giza pon aku tak tahu. akhirnya sampai. macam high class punye tempat je. aku cam da owww-kay. tak biasa. aku orang kampung je. cari punya cari bangkok house tuh akhirnya jumpa jugaaak. lawa sangat tempat die. suke sangat. interior design dia macam classy. beli voucher rm 50 worth RM100. so memang makan besar laaa. weee. first of all air minuman. i ordered fresh orange and he ordered cappucino. iced cappucino  fresh orange air is so so.. boleh laaa. cam kedai kedai biasa. nothing special. as for makanan, dah nama pon

floral pattern blouse

salam korang i nak let go blouse ni. tak pernah pakai lagi. DESCRIPTION Floral Blouse Material : Chiffon  Size : Free Size (Fits Until M) Price : RM 30 (exclude postage) if nak/interested/any inquiries, please email me. STATUS : SOLD OUT :)