Thursday, December 27, 2012

not yet hee

today is "searching material for new batch" day.

if u are blur about what i am talking about.

actually, i sell square tudungs. 
just drop by if u want to.
the link of the blogshop ada kat tepi ni.

<---- scroll until u jumpe it. 

ok. now lets jump to the story today.


while loitering in the shop, we decided to go up to the 2nd floor.

and then, one of the "akak kedai kain" say this.

"adik cari baju pengantin ke? sini ada ni adik... "

ohok ohok ohok. akak! why u say dat?? huuu.

i was so embarrassed at that time. 
so i walked so fast and i left him behind to walk alone.

and after that, he was like. "haaa, u dengar tak ape akak tuh cakap?"

i nodded. and super embarrassed. 

teros jalan cepat cepat cari material.. -.-" 

lepas tuh baru komen... and i won't tell u. haha.

ok dah bye. :)

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