Friday, November 2, 2012

wrapping up my ortho posting, haha not yet!

lemme update about my current posting.

well, actually now i am in orthopedic posting. and this is the last week.

bad lisa bad.
last week baru nak habaq sini? ish ishh. hehe

sorry ya. i did not know where my blogging spirit wander to. aishh.

last week means exam week. hehe.
so yesterday i just finished my short case. 
dengan dr omar. jyeah! 

i think i didn't screw up. i think la. i didn't know what dr omar think. hehe.
alhamdulillah. thanx to ALLAH. 

hurmm. n after this i will be having my ospe
hurmmm. (again?) 

harapan? biar lah boleh di jawab soalan soalan nya. amin!

can't wait to wrap up ortho posting.
thinking of future speciality, ortho is quite interesting. hehe

DR Fairudz punye pesanan :

teruskan usaha. which means, there's a looooot more for me to learn in order to become a good doctor.

and i believe, to become a good doctor, it will not become a day effort or even a two months effort.
i have to really practice and get used to it and read more and practice more and understand more.


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