Monday, March 4, 2013

don't snatch!

hye, here i am shamelessly quoting my friend's fb status without telling her. hahahaheheihuihui.

lets read them first, should we?

“A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other...Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever”

nak huraikan sikitt. hehe.

from my sight of view, it is so true.

sorry la kalo ko rasa aku ni narrow minded ke ape.
but really, man and woman can't really be a closed without any feeling tangling around.
sad, but true story indeed.

everybody nak such lovely love story.
start as a friend, then bila dah close, develop feeling and the future later on is a mystery to be solved. 
kekal ke tak, bahagia ke tak, those elements are another different thing. 

but, this only applicable kalo due2 single.
if both are single, yes u may proceed. xde sape nak halang.

but, if not, please la jangan. jangan la nak menyebok relationship orang lain.
unless kalau u dah mintak permission dari pasangan orang yang x single itu.

i don't oppose kawen banyak.
our holy religion, islam itself allow poligami, so who am  i to oppose it?

but i do believe in good manner.
don't snatch other people thing.
if u really want it, then please do it in a most respectful way.

dah pandai sangat nak jugak, pandai la mintak clash, pandai la mintak permission.
yeah, definitely not easy, but, u must do it.
jangan treat the other person macam orang bodoh.

once u do it to other people, seriously nanti ko kena jugak macam tuh.
penah dengar karma, what goes around comes around? penah dengar?
kalau ko x kena, anak cucu cicit ko yang kena.

ye, aku sangat emotional.
sebab aku sangat lah tak suka kejadah curang curang ni especially when we are the one yang di betray.
seriously feel like puking.

and to the one yang have been betrayed..
jangan bersedih because u should be happy.
sebab u don't deserve orang tuh.

im writing feeling sooo very emotional right now.
so lets stop this. 

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