Sunday, March 31, 2013


Did i ever tell u that currently im doing my endocrinology at hospital putrajaya? If yes, never mind. If no then... Hurmm yes, im doing endocrinology at HPJ now.

So getting up at 6 am every morning, be ready before 6.30 am as our so called 'driver' will loyally wait for us are not 'weird' things to do. Awwhh. Tired? Yes. But it fun! *big grin*

Whats make it more interesting is when yesterday we 'good friends' went to explore putrajaya! Omg! It was soooo fun~~ weee.

After 'begging' musa to drive, he agreed and off we go to putrajaya by car~~ despite of few hurdles which are 'traffic jam', musa's car buat hal whatsoever, sampai jugak kat putrajaya.

Now, putrajaya sight-seeing start!

none of us are from kl/selangor which make it more fun! Jalan situu waaaaa, jalan sini weeee. Serius kelaka!

Ok now, lets the picture do the job~

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