Saturday, January 1, 2011

welcome 2011!


today's date. 1. 1. 11. didnt u notice that? cool number right.
later, we gonna wait for 11.1.11 and also, 11.11.11 a very cool cool.

since we now in year 2011.
so, most of us have that what we called, new azam. new resolution
kan kan?

as for me, i dont really think i am now stepping a new year.. yet..
because, my final is not done yet.
and now, im in horrible state... which is study week state.
i need to study like so horriblly. and i hate it so horibbly. :( 
too much to cover in 2 weeks dowhh.
its not like, i dont read anything at all before this 2 weeks.
its more like to.. i need to finish all those notes again in 2 weeks.
baru rasa macam safe, lega, better and all.

and, just to say.. i got only, 9 days more. HAHA.
im ssoooo freaking freak out.. 
i really hope i can give my all to the upcoming final exam..

tapi xpe la. since u all dah masuk new year...
aku pon nak bid korang HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
and goodbye 2010.
2010 is a very meaningful year for me.
biar lah menjadi rahsia diri aku ini. cehwahhh.

oh ye. 
korang bid aku hari khamis mggu lagi satu yer. hehe.

i'll update about my new azam later, after i finish my final exam officially.
and thus, celebrating my new year fiesta! YAYA!

k lah bye bye
eh, i said bye bye. 

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