Sunday, February 6, 2011

oxford medical dictionary make this lazy girl life easier!

terima kasih! :)

ok guys and girls, here's the instructions.

if u are a medical student. please stay and read.

if u want a medical dictionary, OXFORD one in ur hp, please stay and read.

if u use nokia 5800 express music, you are the absolute person im looking for! tee-hee.
please proceed to read yaw!

actually i found the software, kind-of.
so, i would like to share with all of u lah. 
actually benda ni menyenangkan saya jugak.
kalau terformat ke ape,senang i nak rujuk balik mana nak cari kan. wiwiw.

first, download INI

if u used the laptop, just masukkan these files in ur hp by using ur hp cable, whatever la kan.

after that, install, 'INI' first.
baru lah install yang 'THIS ONE' tuh okay? :)

if u cant directly used that, u can always ask the guy yang upload dictionary ni. 

till then, bye!

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