Friday, February 4, 2011

Hasil 'Load and Reload'

this is my LOMO second shot.

taken with Ultra Wide n Slim.
loaded with fujicolor superia ISO 200.

and i did something with this.
which is once i finish with the film.
i reload it again, and begin shooting again.

so, u may see some pictures are multiexposed. (which are double exposed actually)

view from level 6 SNT tower. 
bukit cerakah.
this one, can see the double exposed. but, i dont really remember the jaring2 one. what did i shoot aa? LOL
pic of my friend at cerakah is combined with the pic of my hometown. HAHA. i wonder what is the white-like stripe in the pic? emm.
this one is cool too. i like it. 
my house at kelantan + bungaan di tasik titiwangsa
bungaan di rumah di kelantan + bungaan di tasik titiwangsa.
my grandma house, some antique things there, an oldies speaker, old timer fridges.and lawn mower which are not so old i think, which is double exposed with scenery at tasik titiwangsa. :)

overall conclusion, i am very satisfied this time. 
if i used this method, load and reload for ebx or agfa, what awesome-ness can it produced? emm. 


FH said...

memang stylee

:-: Nizam27391 :-: said...

suke yang fifth tu gak... cantik sangat2 ot...

:-: Nizam27391 :-: said...

btw.. u sure dat is pic of ur fren? macam gambar ur adik jer ot...

n i k l i s a said...


tau xpa! :)

n i k l i s a said...

@:-: Nizam27391 :-:

aah. tapi cam blur skit. :(

n i k l i s a said...

@:-: Nizam27391 :-:

super sure. sebab adik aku pakai baju xda kolar.

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