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my lung age is 36!


this morning starts well.
i went to class as usual.
at 8am, i have one lecture on 'acid base imbalance'. BIOCHEMISTRY by dr justin.

at 9am, we are supposed to have clinical skill lab : respiratory apemende ntah, 
a practical session and it will be held at lecture hall D.
it was mentioned clearly in the module guide book.

so, i confidently went to the class wearing a sandal.
and i didnt even bring my labcoat! 

which i supposed to wear a shoe and labcoat to be allowed to enter the lab.
great aint it?

in the middle of the lecture,
my friend, radziah suddenly mention about us having a practical session in the lab.
i was like, 'hello, it stated clearly in the timetable, it gonna be held in lecture hall, not lab'.
and suddenly, i didnt know whether dr justin can read mind or whatever,
but he mentions about us gonna having our practical in the lab. 

and i was like, OH NO! this is disaster.

i tried to calm myself, eventhough, i kept thinking over it again. 
and ;astly i decided to 'borrow' my junior's labcoat. hehe.

at the practical today,
i played with a machine ( sound gigantic like, well its not) called a spirometry.
this machine aa, is to measure our respiration. 
and, we did 'forced vital capacity' test.

inilah machine nya.
to used this, firstly, we have to insert all the infos.
names, age, height and weight, and bla bla bla.

after that, what we have to do is.
put the thing, (tengok gambar atas) into our mouth.
then breath normally, minumum 3 times.
then, take a very deep breath and then expire and hold for 6 seconds.

hidung mesti tutup ya!

what i can say, this test is very tiring.
u go and try to expire and hold for 6 second.
u will feel ur stomach churning.
and i dont like that. 

after i done it, my friends even say.
'lisa, ur face look pale!'
see, sampai macam tuh sekali.

and this is the result.

diagnosis : normal spirometry! :)

and and and. see the lung age?
36 years old. OMG!
tua kan?

im only 20.
but my lung age is 36? wow.
is this a result of being a passive smoker? 
or maybe lack of exercise. 

but, within my friends,
my lung age is the youngest. tee-hee!
so, in the practical just now.
im being so big-headed, boasting around about my young lung age. kuikui.

and also, today the cardiovascular result came out.
n im really grateful with the result.

ok lah. bye.


nuraru said…
tua nye hati. huhuhu

btw, congratez on ur cvs ;]

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