Sunday, May 8, 2011

please be strong to those experiencing this condition!

all the medias, TV, radio, internet yesterday.
full with happy mother's day wishes.

but i come to think,

macam mana perasaan orang yang kehilangan ibu pada hari ibu?

my dad experienced it.

i went into my parents room to pick up something.
and my dad was in there doing something..
searching for his jubah. he wants to wear on the tahlil. 

suddenly he asked me,
"kakak, today is mother's day eh?"

aku macam er er er, what should i answer..

then he continues, "mok mati on the mother's day?"
sound like he's talking to himself.

and me, standing at the door wanna go out (after pick up the thing) saying,
"yes dad, today is mother's day but relax la.. no biggies kan? keep praying for her, insyaALLAH she will be safe here after."

after that, i went into my room.
and  think,
"did i say a right words?"

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