Friday, May 6, 2011

how was my exam for the back 3 days?

so, exam da officially habis.

my comments are.

short answer questions?

i think i did well, i mean i can like get more marks here than other papers. 

problem based questions?

it was hard like like like crazeeeey! whatever it is, i can answer SAQ better that PBQ.

finish my first day papers.


proceed to the second day.

i go through an exam called OSPE

i felt terribly terrible for OSPE paper.
honestly, i dont know what am i doing in there.
its like, everytime i opened the questions paper,
i was stunned.
 'what the heeeelll is this?' kept popping in my mind

susah gila kot.


the third day is all about blackening the circles.
err, what i mean is multiple choice questions la.

i got 2 papers.

MCQ 1 consist of 70 questions with 5 choices, that i must put a true, or a false to the statement.
which means, there were 350 statements that i have to kaji and answer.
oh yea, MCQ1 is from sem 1, sem 2 and sem 3 punye syllabus.
just imagined how much i need to study? 

and in the evening, MCQ 2 approached me. HAHA!
80 questions which means?  errr, 400 statements.
and the questions are from sem 4 punye syllabus. 

for MCQ, i just do it. 
for the questions which i dont know the answer, i apa lagi kan, tembak je la. -.-" pity me! :(


and the last day,  which is today.

i sit for1 hour examination which is EMJ ,
and it stands for ethic and medico-legal jurispudence. 
the questions are about ethical issue in organ donation and also ethical issue in in-vitro fertilization.

and im very satisfied with my answer. :)


i should be happy because at last, i've finished my exam.

but NO. im not.

why? check the new post. 
i separate the post into two because i didn't want my post to be like so berjela jela.

k bye.

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