Monday, May 2, 2011

i'm gonna ignore, and wish me luck!

its sad.
really sad.
and its happen couple of time already to me.

and, it makes me more resistance.
and more choosy in choosing friends. 

don't worry much my past friends.
I promise I will keep ignoring you.

we never really know each other OK?

and hey Lisa! 
your exam is tomorrow! 

go to sleep already, and take a rest, cause U gonna wake up early in the morning and revise more!

and to all 7th MBBS UiTM members, good luck!

1 comment:

syafeeq faXys said...

don't worry,friends comes and goes. Sometimes they come back, sometimes they don't. Appreciate them while they are there and remembers them when they are not.

and, i wish you luck for your exam. :D

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