Saturday, May 14, 2011

13th MAY

salam. :)

13th MAY of every years means a lot to me.
becauses its my birthday! :)

so, happy birthday to me! 

i da turned 20s! peehhhh.
another chapter in mu life i guess. 
lets make it fun to the fullest! 

yesterday was the penutup of the tahlil dedicated to my mak tok.
she passed away last friday.
so a sort of "majlis khatam quran" was held.

on the evening, we visit maktok's kubur.
and of course sedekah kan mak tok bacaan yasin.

oh yeah, my uncle said, 13th may is also my maktok's birthday.

got tons of birthday wishes thru facebook.
which it makes me smile all day long. thanx u thanx u.
so i replied all the birthday wishes.
people says something, i think it best for me to atleast replied them.

my sister gaves me a flower.
plastic flower tuh je.
but at least, she made an effort to give me present.
which was so nice. i love u dila! :)

while my family treat me a dinner.
just a dinner.
not a very grand or whatsoever dinner.
since its my birthday, i ordered chicken chop, rm8. huahua.
sekali sekala makan mahal ape salahnya... huahuahua.

the best part is.
i recieved a WEBSITE GIFT!
its free, but it is decorated especially for me!
i would like to share it with all of u.
so, if u feel like watching it.
thanx u very much! 

may Allah give u HIS blessing, and happiness too. insyaALLAH. amin!

K LAH byeee.

ps : bloggerr selalu undermaintanence. xsuka lahh. :(

pss : ikot sejarah malaysia, 13 may adalah tragedi. aaalllla yang perpecahan kaum tuh. gaduh sama kaum. 


safiamira said...

happy belated besday lisa. sorry lambat wishhh

Miss Dolce and Gabbana said...

Happy Birthday.Tak sempat nak bagi apa2 kat lisa.Big hug boleh.haha.Welcome to the club eh.. :P

nuraru said...

xbleh tgk ape pom kat wix tu. hehe
knp link name tu mcm ade bau skandal? huahuahua

:-: Nizam27391 :-: said...

like this post.! chicken chop nampak sdap sangat2! nak gak!
and the website nice.. lagu first kat website tu best...dgarlah slalu.. :)

omai.n i k l i s a said...


thanx u dear,:)

omai.n i k l i s a said...

@Miss Dolce and Gabbana

wah dapat big hug alamaya from sarawak. tee-hee
thanx ziza.

omai.n i k l i s a said...


kenapa ye? HAHA

omai.n i k l i s a said...

@:-: Nizam27391 :-:

awaaak, thanx u very much!

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