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elective : day 1


my elective's topic seem to be boring, or dull. yet, for me the one who experienced the bees buzzing near to my own ears. it is one of the best memories that i must kept within me forever.

the journey is toward the city of history, malacca. our aim is to visit the biggest bee farm in malaysia namely BB TOWN and guess what it is only one day! 

the rest? jalan jalan cari makan la. tee-hee!


actually i already wrote about day 1 in the previous post. but i dont like it, there's no honesty of me writing in the post (chewa?), so please bear with me as i will narrate another story of day 1 here. HAHA. see whaaat! writing need honesty also maa. if not, no comments. T_T people please do drops comments okay? (desperado me, LOL)

the story begins at 9am, we hop into a bus. it tooks 2hours and a half to reach there. the drivers drive soo slow (till i can feel it). at 11.30am we reached malacca central. there, we took cabs which brings us to our already-booked hotel. TIME HOTEL.

time hotel. :) place we stayed for 3 days.
after all the procedures, got the key which is not really a key, it a card used as a key. (ala, the one like TnG card tuh), we the girl, went to our room. here, the first drama begins. the door there is so pelik. what we have to do to went into the room is we must touch the card given to the receiver. we put the card but it doesn't seem to work out. so, we spend a lot of time at the outside till tibe tibe ada housekeeper datang, so we asked her to worked it out for us. so now the door is opened, i hold into the door and asked my friend to go in la kan.. but then there's something chemical rushingly come in into my nostril. i didnt breath it in but it keeps come in, till i feel there's something berketul2 in my esophagus. and i keep gag-reflexing. damn! i really felt like dying there. mira and afiqah went into the room and open the window.. i cant hold on anymore, so i went to the lift want to go out. mira and afiqah also gag-reflexing. which is a good sign, our immune system is doing their works! 

we went to receptionist. and asked why was that? and guess what, there's pest buster spraying their powerful-full-of-chemical pesticide at our floor. so i breath in pesticide. -.-" glad here i didnt die. now i know how pest feels. cant breath, cant do anything. and, after a while, we were told that our room is now okay and we can went in. the drama end. cerita dalam bilik xpayah cerita lah kan?

at 1.30pm, we have our proton-saga-sewa kitorang tuh. yay! :) so, our mission in the evening is to find our elective place, BB TOWN tuh la. sesat jugak lah kan? but finally reached the tempat. nice la jugak.
ada pameran pameran saja, and ada madu. kite boleh test. 

afiqah driving! :)

mira, co-navigator. nizam, navigator. :)
after that.. irfan took place to drive. we went into the bee farm. i was so excited to see the white boxes tuh! banyak gila kot.

boxes, where the bees live

me and afiqah at backseat! camwhoring. yeah~
after survey the place and all, we went back to the main city, we went to dataran pahlawan and have our makan at the foodcourt. i eat nasik ayam penyet, owh sedap gila! the foodcourt was so jauh and kecik, and satisfy with my nasik ayam penyet (told u again sebab sedap! dan banyak calori jugak -.-")

then, we, the girl went to heritage bazaar, there are lot of things, i go crazy dont know what to buy. keychains (got so many types!), shirts, bookmarks, kuih muih, macam macam kot! 

in front of the beautiful water fountain in dataran pahlawan


shopping sampai pengsan. penat tau fikir nak bawak balik apa kat diri sendiri dan kawan kawan serta family. 

that's the end of day 1. 
so, see you in next post okay. :)

bye bye.


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