Saturday, March 19, 2011

trust that i throw.


*i'm specifically telling all of u a story about me and her. because i was so moved, touched (terganggu?) when she was doing her talking. but, to be wide, this post is dedicated to all who are involved.*


i hate myself for betraying her trust.
for being super selfish.
 since what im doing is giving me a very good deal of benefits.
i didnt even realize that im betraying her trust.
i didnt even think about how she would feels when she knows about all those stuff.
illegal stuff i did without her knowing. illegal stiff i did behind her back.

you trust me, but i throw your trust away.
i played with it.

hence, im deserve to lose your respect of me.
and im really sorry for shattering your hope. your trust in me.

but there's really nothing much i can do.
i cant reverse time to correct everything.
i didnt have that kind of super-power.

just hoping here in my little room, praying.
everything will be settled. 

so that i can live my life again, and gain your respect again.
from the zero.

once again,

im sorry for all my wrong-doings.
i really felt very very terrible.

whoever read this might be asking (tertanya tanya?) what is this post is all about.
and im so sorry i cant tell much details regarding what happen.
its private. 



cik najihah said...

hai cik lisa..nice entry...eh2 header baru ye :)

Raji berkata said...

hopefully you would earn her trust back someday

n i k l i s a said...

@cik najihah

awww, thanx u. :)
yup header baru.

n i k l i s a said...

@Raji berkata

soon. very soon.
i do hope so too.

thanx u. :)

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