Thursday, March 31, 2011



yeah,  today is close to over.
my hectic day is close to over. im soooo glad. yeah!

and again, I was so down after any tutorial (SGS) or practical session.
feel like im the stupidest in the class.
and start blaming own self for being so stupid, and for not reading terrorly.

with the lecturer's talking or should i say advising us to keep studying, 
be more focus about the PRO exam which approaching me so furiously.
 what a scary things. :(

2nd may will be the date.
1 month to go. 
and im still not prepared. terok nye.

ape ape hal, best tengok gamba makanan.
ayam goreng awww sedapnya.

malangnya, it is tasty but it is nasty.
too much calories, keep the doctors near to you. :)
mahu ke macam tuh?

ps : progress test again tomorrow. need to study. 

k bye.


Raji berkata said...

such a pity for those T.T
come to me chicken..

sepi angin ke kota iskandariah said...

feel like the stupidest means that u r right, but feel that u r the smartest means that u have something wrong...

n i k l i s a said...

@Raji berkata

hahhaa. tuh je eh yang ko nampak.

n i k l i s a said...

@sepi angin ke kota iskandariah

yeah, im right. :)

Sunah Mohammad said...

erk..sedapnye ayam tu..

n i k l i s a said...

@Sunah Mohammad

memang sedap, tp kalau amik banyak sangat, badan pon sedap, penyakit pon sedap singgah..

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