Tuesday, March 1, 2011

make it memorable. thats the way.

thanx u. :)

3 march is approaching me so furiously.
and im sooooooo excited to deal with it.

i achieved something actually on that date!
a happy achievement! yay!
i really, badly want to celebrate it.

but sadly, on that majestic date,
i actually have to prepare for my progress test.
which is held on the next day.

sad but never mind.
i can celebrate it whenever i want.
date is not important.
the effort to celebrate is what make it memorable.


lastly, i cant wait for that! :)

bad news today is.

my PBL (problem-based learning) lecturer, dr zakaria is resigning.
he wants to go back to his country. bangladesh i think.
huu, why must this happen? i love having him as my PBL lecturers. so saaaad he gonna go soon.
so, my group decide to give him something, like a memorable stuff for him to take with him home.
i hope he will likes it.

k bye.

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