Wednesday, September 15, 2010


she's cute.
i adopted her yesterday 14 sept 2010.
officially, today is my 2nd day with her.
i named her EMBUN.
she IS green, and she has big, rounded eyes.

presenting, my EMBUN.

she's my facemon! 
n i love her.

aint she cute when she's sleeping?
she sleeps n her energy will recharge.
so that, she can fight for me.
n gain more money.  HAHA

she is plant orb.
why plant?
cause i love plant.
n i love gree.

if u are wondering what is orb is..
i think, (I THINK).
orb is like a power.

if u r plant orb, it means that u get advantage whenever it comes to plant.

owh, just like AVATAR.
in that movie, it is BENDER.
AIRbender, FIREbender, WATERbender, n EARTHbender

n for the FACEMON here, it is ORB.
and it has all the four above with extra orb of plant.

okay, dah. 

i'll stop playing when im in UiTM.
dont worry.


Fakhrur Razi berkata said...

the only difference when she sleeps is the zzz =.="
I cant see any cuteness in that frog
(btw how do u know that he is a she?)

ps: I bet u would love to see my pet in omgpop :D
(that is what I call cuteness)

n i k l i s a said...

raji :
nak wat macam mana.

im the only one who can see her cuteness. LOL.
enbun n me has some kind of bond u know. tee-hee.

haha. about embun being HE or SHE.
i choose i want a female facemon okay. hehhe.

okay. show ur cute pet then. :)

nizam27391 said...

ko xgtau aku pon ko adopt lagi satu hewan...

n i k l i s a said...


haha! xkan suma nk bgtahu~

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