Thursday, June 30, 2011

angan angan menikohh aku

take a peep first!

hari ni day 7

semalam aku menggila tau x?

now i know kenapa lah semalam aku dok usha blog blog bride-to-be. seharian, aku dok baca pasal DIY items sebab perasan diri ni akan rajin nak buat. semalaman aku dok hadap video video cst production on save-the-date lah, wedding lah. 

and now i know why! and its hillarious. HAHAHAHAHA. what a coincidence!

do u know why? sebabnye adalah the next task on my kononnye 30 days challenge is about my dream wedding

so here we go, my version of dream wedding. :)


gambar hiasan sahaja

as for me, i don't want it to be so extravanganva. 
(extravaganza means erra fazira's wed ceremony, siti nurhaliza's wed ceremony! :P)
i don't want it to be stressful.
i don't want it to be full with protocols.
i don't want it to be like this or like that.
i just want to have fun on my wedding day.
the way me and my future husband want it to be.

i'll mention everything here briefly saja lah. maybe it will sound illogic but never mind lah since its my dream wed. well, i am the type yang love to put everything into memories. so, i'll hire a team of great photographers. for pre-wed, wed, and post-wed photograhy sessions! muahahaha. wedding video pon i nak jugak!  persoalannya perlukah point amik gambar dimention as the first point? -.-" yang pasti uitm shah alam will be one of the places. that place is full of kenangan okeh! and the whole shah alam la. yeah! 

i want my wedding to be held at my house saja. since im the eldest in my family, meh aku nak rasmi wedding kat rumah ni. i got in mind already where will the pelamin will be put. bunches of canopies in my house's lawn. for families and friends. and for my 1991 buddies, i'll reserved special canopies for u guys. please please come! 

of wedding theme? i want a simple theme. more to modern concept. no traditional~ i dont want garden wedding. colours for the wedding? i want purple (semangat uitm kah aku?), but later i want red, and sometime i love pink. ngahahahaha. so, malas nak pikir lagi kaler ape aku mahu.

of wedding dress? i want it to be simple simple saja. not too over crowded with beads or laces u know all those things. tengok lah macam mana. haha.

there will be my bridemaids, eceh macam orang putih lak... inspired from 27 dresses nye movie. i will buy special kain for them. nanti lah i fikir. they will be my friends, and my brothers and sister also. parents, mak ayah. i want they to be awesome that day, will find something awesome for them to wear. :) and as for my big families, diorang must wear baju yang bertema kaler yang sama.

see how brief it is? malas nak tulis about hantaran, doorgift ape sume. nanti nak kawen i'll do special blog for all these things. weehhuuu! every single details i'll put in the blog. okey? :)

haih, this task surely make me want to get married as soon as possible lah. calon? entah ada entah x.. (o_0)

as for conclusion, i think getting married surely need me to go out and shopping like crazy! (which i do not really like) dengan kerja, busy ape sume. so, have to kumpul duit banyak banyak. and mentally and physically prepared. and must do research from now on. on what dress i want to wear, and all those wedding things la. i want it to be my truly wedding, yang i sendiri yang commit and sacrifice to make it happen,  bukan other people, bukan my mom. sian lah dia, my wedding but she's the one yang buat tuh buat ni. tapi memang she will be my consultant terhormat lah, that's for sure! hehe. but of course la i want people along my side yang support thoroughly. 

hahaha! k lah that's all!


LeeyanaTheKim said...

nak kemah spesel untuk saya sorang! hahaha. make sure to invite me tau. or else i'll ruin your wed. haha

merahitujambu said...

wah..ramai gak join menda ni..good luck..kadang2 kena berangan baru jadi kenyataan..tpi kena usaha..heee

iPai said...

wah2 ... banyak belanja tuh .. uhuh

Raji and Yeen said...

i thought that wedding day would always be stressful lol
mmg sgt2 stress buat pengantin kena layan mcm2 jnis org bergambar lgi dan mcm2 =.="

namasayasyazmin :) said... checkout this blog, die wat mostly diy for her wedding . best kot.

Rizwan Ewan said...

sabor je la..huhuh =D XD

nizam said...

haha.. terbaik ahh.. bakal suami ko mesti tersenyum2 gile baca bnda ni... btw.. gilo ah nak gambar2 banyak kali.. penat ar pengantin nanti...

omai.n i k l i s a said...


u jadi one of my bridesmaid lah? hahaha :)

omai.n i k l i s a said...


i love the way u think, lain dari yang lain.
yep2, have to set aim. baru leh jadi realiti. :)

omai.n i k l i s a said...


tang amik gamba n video tuh la.
suruh family2 je la~

omai.n i k l i s a said...

@Raji and Yeen

tuh cakap, jgn take it serious.
have fun je~
lagpon malas ah nak serious2 sangat~

omai.n i k l i s a said...

@namasayasyazmin :)

she's the one yang inspire me. :)

omai.n i k l i s a said...

@Rizwan Ewan

sabor ape ni?
sabor nak kawin? LOL

omai.n i k l i s a said...


ofkos la not in one day~

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