Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A perfect life with my husband (?)



in 4,5 years from now, 
i will be married. 
and have my own childs.

30 years afterward

i sit on the sofa cozyly..
i looked back into time.
reminiscing the old time.


when im happily married, and happy with my kids
and i raised my kids well.
being able to watch them grow up is the best things that ever happen to me.
with my supportive husband by my side, 
my life can't be more great.

my kids always make me proud,
with their excellent grades during their school life.
as a reward, on the school holiday..
my husband and i will took them on a vacation.

everything seems perfect! 
i love my husband and my kids.

now, my kids have grown up and so far healthy 
my little boy turned to be a handsome guy.
while my little girl turned to be a pretty lady.

one day, my son complained about him having a headache.
I told him to get himself checked at the hospital.

as the malay saying says,
"langit xselalu cerah"

well the saying is so true.

my son came home that night.
and he broke the bad news.

'mak, abang ada blood cancer, white blood cancer, a.k.a leukemia'

i'm speechless.
tears flowing on my cheeks. 


editted by me by using my wild imagination, based on a true story.

everything is perfect, flawless!
but suddenly, everything goes upside down.
druuung! semua ranap, nak tengok anak kahwin dan the smooth flow in the future.
cucu ape semua..

ape ntah rasa dia?

sedih. memang akan rasa sedih sangat.
nak jadi kuat untuk anak pon tatau macam mana.
mintak jauh lah benda ni jadi in my future.

kalau korang, how are u gonna face with it?


nadrah zainuddin said...

sedih. rasa macam dunia dah tak bermakna but what to do. redha and be strong always. make your son the happiest person in the world before he shuts his eyes for like ever. and as for you, life goes on. whether you like it or not. you have others to take care of.

duuh org cakap senang. nak buat tu tak pernah senang. but we have to try jugak after all kan :)

wany said...

setuju dengan naddd

Jo Qusary said...

4, 5 years from now... I'll be living alone in my apartment, looking at case files and dusty old books.

30 years from now...I'll be living alone in my mansion, looking at case files, dusty old books and writing wills for dying people.

Adoi... cannot imagine my life with a husband and family la, huhuhu...

omai.n i k l i s a said...

@nadrah zainuddin

yep yep. kesian tol aku nengok makcik aku skang.
nampak happy.
tp, kat dalam who knows kan.

omai.n i k l i s a said...


yup yup

omai.n i k l i s a said...

@Jo Qusary

erh, how come meh?

xterasa nak ke ape ke. LOL

:-: Nizam27391 :-: said...

i really dont want such things to happen..

omai.n i k l i s a said...

@:-: Nizam27391 :-:

me too yaw

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