Wednesday, June 8, 2011

guess what?

well, i guess my previous title has its charm la kot. it turned to be a reality.  true jugak eh saying "kata kata ibarat doa" tuh. eh, bukan kata kata ibu ke?

the story now is~ semester 5 will be held earlier, means bulan 8 dah start, sambung teros after the intro of clinical tuh. *CLAP CLAP CLAP*

happy sangat sangat lah *while wiping tears*


yeah, maybe dean doing his best, something beneficial for me. selalu ada pendedahan awal for me.. im lucky, i know that. so that im prepared. but, still i dont want to accept the fact that there's no holiday for me. can't it waits till im officially become a doctor? 

one more, yes i will be super happy when i hear this news if im rich or i live near KL. neither one.

if i rich, i can cozyly (ade ke such word?) ride on aeroplane for one hour. instead of uncomfortably ride on bus for 9 hours, mind u im from kelantan. tiket bus, rm 46 ye sehala. kaya nye saya ni.


if i live kat KL, senang lah nak ulang alik kan?


i dont want to list all my problems here, as i will be humiliated myself if i do so. my problems let me solved them.

people may see me as gedik mengada ngada. orang nak feed ilmu tapi banyak alasan la ape la. yes, people may say that, but mind u, if u are the one. please understand okay. kita xsama. u are not in my shoes now, u dont know my side problem at all. how my economy status, and yada yada. so, please please please do not easily judge me.

people got their own problems okay. dont talk as u wish publicly and make it look so easy.

and one more, what i write here in my blog is just to express my feeling, the nobody me. a therapy to calm myself. maybe u have ur own ways, but this is my way. dont take it seriously. since whatever i write will never give any effect to anybody, and later on i will obediently go to KL and enjoy my self to the fullest finishing the programmes.

k bye


phoenixstudio said...

Dh maki dean..
Last2 dpt gak faedahnye..haha

omai.n i k l i s a said...


redha ni. huu

wany said...

xpela lisa.ade hikmahnye kan.. aku paham gak weh.susah gak tu.kene la ade rehat jugak kan. aku harap kau tabah okay?be strong girl!

omai.n i k l i s a said...

thanx u dear. i love u!
memang nak bagi ilmu lah kan...
i like, tp sedih bila die buat keputusan last minit macam ni.

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