Sunday, June 19, 2011

terima kasih. :)

i received a box of watch for my 20th birthday!

the box also very cute maa. :)

few straps, and few circle things.
i can change the strap, and also the round thing circling the watch.
the watch are so small but im loving it! :)

thanx u! 

k bye~


norulsidamohdnoor said...

wah..beshnye lisa..ley tukar2 ikut kaler bju..wee:)

nizam27391 said...

comey gler.. aku nak gak boleh? nak versi laki2...

cikcleopatra said... nye!!!!!!!!!!siyes!

omai.n i k l i s a said...


hahaha, pon boleh. :)

omai.n i k l i s a said...


ade ke?

omai.n i k l i s a said...


yeah, i like! :)

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