Sunday, October 24, 2010

i'll pray the best for them. (part 2)

like seriously, being at home without my mak and ayah is so pelik.
im not used to it. i should use US instead. 
we are not used to it.

as usual, US the siblings will be very quiet when there are people that not belong to the family were here.
so quiet. awkward silence. 
esp in the family lounge where usually US, siblings will be very hyperactive there.
talking in high pitch voice, joking, bullying, play fight2. HAHAHA.
i missed that moment. wuwuw.

the people that are not belong to the family that i mentioned earlier.
tho, they are my uncle and aunty.
we r not that closed with them.
kami adik beradik memang susah nak rapat dengan orang lain.
sebab kami memang kurang bercakap dengan orang yang kami xbiasa.
so, paham paham saje lah. 

mak ayah, please be back soon.
we miss u.
especially dila.
im pretty sure there is time where she will crying alone in the room.
without no one noticing about it.
because me as the oldest pon ada time i nanges sorang sorang dalam bilik.
berbalik pasal dila tadi, 
and the worst part is me as kakak, xboleh nak b there with her.
consoling her. comforting her. cheering her up. 
and so on.

my mak and ayah, it almost 10 days they are they.
another 30 days plus plus lagi.
they are already at Mekah right now.

huu. i cant imagine how our RAYA HAJI will be celebrated this year.
without them. huu. *teary eyes*

ok, bye. assalamualaikum

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