Monday, October 4, 2010



she doesn't seem to care.
but, whatever.

BUT hey, at least.
i ask her whether she buys something to eat or not.
if not, im going to buy for her. walla.
so kind hearted lisa. haha.

i wished i could go back to matrix time.
where we room-mate care for one another. hurm.

but like i used to say to my mom when im bragging about stuffs here in UiTM.

i would like to be independent.
i want to do thing alone.
i do not need to rely on another person when i want to do stuffs.
even though, i know. doing things together. i mean.. with a lot of people are a way much fun.
but, since i hardly met someone that i can treat like that here.
so, i should be thinking of changing myself instead.
there are no point to change another people.
so, i will changed. 

i thought i would met cooler people in U.
but, im not. im kinda sad and frustrated though.

ok bye.


namasayasyazmin :) said...

betul.kadang kadang angan angan b4 masuk U lagi indah.

n i k l i s a said...

agree. :)

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