Monday, October 4, 2010

facebook trend

there's no point when u r having a lot of friends in FB,
but when u write down about ur status.
there is nobody comment about it.

come on guys, FB is not like FS or MS.
where people add another people.
just to add up the number of ur friends.
that was childish ok.

like my 10 year old sister. 

she used to compete with my ayah.
"who has more friends win." HAHA.
after ayah win, ayah will delete the *UNKNOWN* friends afterward. 
so rajin kan?. =.=

but HEY, if u dont agree.
and u asked me this question,
 *so what are social networking is for?*

i would go totally speechless. 
arghh, whatever.
im leaving. 


Annyss said...

ya kamu sgt betul
haha LIKE!

n i k l i s a said...

like jugak. :)

Nur Areefah said...

depend on individual cara penggunaan lah..

n i k l i s a said...

okeh, just my humble opinion.
chill saja. :)

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