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today is what? i cant hear u.

 u r in a hall.
n u r listening to a speech.

assalamualaikum and a very good evening i bid to all my fellow readers.
seeing me standing here is surely a very rare-so-u-need-to-record-or-snap-or-wateva things.
but, since today is a very meaningful day.
i make myself presence here. HOHO.

before i proceed-or-shud-i-say-babble-more?, i would like to tell all of u that,
my name is nik nurlisa. my father's name is nik yusof. n since i am a girl.
my i.c name is perfectly named as nik nurlisa bt nik yusof.
a very nice name huh?
a thousand thanx to my mom n not forgetten my dad.

see? i told u i can surely babble-x-engat dunia. so, bear with me. 
or if u want to leave this hall. please get lost now.
er, no. please politely leave now. 
thank u.

ok. now i want to continue my beautiful speech of mine.
well today is 16th may.
what does that mean to all of u?
maybe, some of u are having a celebration for your sekian-sekian birthday.
or maybe today is your last day of exam. congratulation because you already out of the hell. 
i know hows that feel. so greeaaaaat, ryte? :D
n maybe, for some of you, you have started your classes today.
 (special to those who got intersesi. HAHA)

n as for me.
16may 2010 means, i am 19 years old and 3 days.
what a progression i have made. 

but the most important 
today is.
this is my main point actually.

today is TEACHERS'DAY.
so, i would like to bid all the teachers in world.

my pra sekolah teachers.

my sekolah rendah teachers, which i got a few of sekolah since i slalo pindah2. :)
*sekolah pauh lima*
*sekolah bukit marak*
*sekolah zainab 2*

my sekolah menengah teachers,
*sekolah zainab 1*
*mrsm KT*

matriculation teachers, matric of perak. 

im so bad since i dont remember my teachers' name. 
ok, tipu lah kan xingat lgsung.
ingat,but only a few-my-feveret-teacher only.
n ofkos, da garang one. da pelik one. 
owh, aku sgt tabaek. =.="
but, i do appreciate all da noeledge dat u gave to me.
its more than anything.
thanx a lot teachers. 

what bout my uni lecturers.
i dont called them teachers, or cikgu or guru.
owh sape la yg ppgil guru?
macam pelik je. =.="
tp indians do called their teacher guru.
i heard it somewhere in hindi film.
ofkos, since aku xpena pgi india.
or kawan dgn org india.
kecuali rathna.
 tu pon die cakap malay dgn aku. 

i called them doctors. prof, n ect tho.

out of sudden,
and out of nowhere.

somebody says,

please lisa.
dont be narrow minded boley x?

lisa say huh? 

they do giv u noeledge ryte?

lisa's nodding. angguk2.

so, they are teachers.

so, lisa says, HAPPY TEACHERS DAYS my DRs, profs, ass. profs n all. :D

mom, who da hell talking to me just now?
owhh. scareeey. huu. 

n lastly,
a same wishes i bid to my mom n my dad,
who is a very dedicated teachers eva.

their daughter got inspired from their hardwork.
a mere teachers but they are able to make me live comfortably.
a nice home, shelter for all of us.
how i amazed them.

thanx mom. thanx dad.
da best teacher ever.
i love u. :)

my dad is a math teacher once upon a time, n now is a counselor. :D
my mom is a English teacher. *menanges die bace english aku macam hell je* sorri mom. TT___TT

ps ; and, what happeng to my speech la?. haha.


sitinoramira said…
nice speech..hehe
Nik Lisa said…
mira. haha. i noe. chewa. :PP
ptotla muet dalam trox an?
mase kau bg speech ni ada air tak sebelah? penat ni.. hehe :p
Nik Lisa said…
nanad :
aku hebat. xyah air2. air liur bnyk~

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