Thursday, May 20, 2010

penyakit saya

aku ade penyakit.
penyakit yg amat sgt serius.
tataw la it can b cured or not.

terpeleot lidah nk sebut?
jgn sebut. sbb mmg xdpt nk sebut pon.

i dont noe whether penyakit ni penyakit genetik ke,
contagious ke, iatrogenic ke, congenital ke, hape ke.. aku tatawu. 
tp, sakit ni mmg aku xsuka.
sbb i'll hurt something. or in case of people, someone la.

btw, i'll tell u pe name pnjg die.
name pnjg penyakit ni ialah;

so, doctors, nurses, pharmacist out there.
is there any cure for me?

i dont wanna hurt anybody anymore.



Nur Areefah said...

adekah aku yg jangkitkan kt ko? X_X

u-know-who said...

setiap penyakit gerenti ada penawarnya...

its up to you.. but as for me..
if you think you're wasting it,..

try not to waste it,...use n take care of it really n very properly n with your fully heart..

or if you're sure dat you can't do that anymore..last act is to just let it go eventough it hurts the person more...

n i k l i s a said...

efa : ko pon same ke?

n i k l i s a said...

u know who :

but i dont noe who. haha.

okay, thanx for ur advices. :D

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