Saturday, August 1, 2009

repekan. in eng. chewa.

tomorrow is SUNDAY. which mean i will be leaving my home.
going to shah alam again. n continue my life as uitm's student.
to my college n my bed, wait for me.
i noe it was hard for u recently. i left it in mess last sunday. haha.
so kalut owh dat day. i promised my aunt at 7.30am
n i woke up at 7 am. so, men campak2 je brg.
luckily, i do pack my bag da night before.

emm. what is exactly im gonna write dis time, huh?
wee. im so excited! i got 2 pairs of new baju kurung!
yeeeha. chantek gilak.
cotton lak uh... kaler brown n kaler pink.
ullalal. thanx MOM!

n yesterday, i went to SMACH.
emm. pay a visit to my bro.
he have to stay at his hostel. becoz thre's been somekind of activity held at his school.
his alumni's is coming to give motivational talk?
haha. just prepare ur ears ok bro.
i noe yo gonna have so much FUN. (erk? ;P)
hey, i trying to give u some comfort la. hehe.

more, i do LOVE yuna.

she's damn good. i juz love her voice.

ps; trying to enhance my eng by using dis way, instead of buying dat TUT linguaphone. ahaha.


a i m a n said...

keep it up.. dont shy² writting in eng.
no good.

N E E q L I S A said...

eng is very crucial ryte nowadays?

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