Thursday, August 9, 2012

just babbling around.

today means almost a week in this new posting which is PHPM.
PHPM posting is kinda interesting.
when i say interesting, in regards of HEALTH CARNIVAL part.

however, regarding the RESEARCH part, i just didn't like it. 
its burdensome, i will be tireed, i have to knock people's house to interview them.
if i am the house owner, i din't like it if random students knock  my house to interview me.
i hope everybody else are not like me..
please everybody, i'm pleading desperately here.

it becomes worst when tomorrow i got seminar to present.
and still i haven't got a clue on how to present bla bla.
still can't digest what the hell is provider payment mechanism bla bla bla.
adoi. :'(
and i got two more topics to discuss about. 
im screwed.

let just forget about it now.
just now, i went out for iftar with mike.
we had a wonderful iftar together.
its wonderful because the food is sedap, and cheap (crucial point) and the feeling is awesome. 
just love how wonderful it is. 
thank you. :)

ps : sometime we share not to complaint things, it just we want to tell people about it. and its hard sometime because other people who just doesn't understand will eventually misunderstand us for complaining eventhough our true intentions are to share stories. its hard. <== i know ayat cam keling. i malas nak fikir dah. haha.


nuraru said...

who's mike btw? hehe

Nik Lisa said...

special friend of mine. :)

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