Thursday, August 16, 2012

Emergency's Iftar

here i am writing this post.

so, regarding PHPM's research, i teamed up with Aiko n Musa.
alhamdulillah, our tasks can be considered as finished.
data entry will be done after Raya. insyaAllah.


On Monday, since we are all (whole posting) are already at Shah Alam...
to do our research, we decided to "buka puasa" at Wong Solo at Syeksen 7..
Its a Jawa-Indon restaurant, just like Ayam Penyet punye restaurant. 
tapi dorang cakap Wong Solo lagii umpphh. 

And yes, and Perghh, the "sambal" is veryyyy spicy. 
til im tearing up while eating it. HAHAHA.
but, sedaaap laa. ayam die like ayam kampung sikit.. IDK.
i will definitely go there again. hehe.

so pictures!

after finished eating.

see how many glass of water there? HAHA. 


yesterday, my friend, Shahira who lived in Shah Alam had invited us to her house for buka puasa.
free food, so i'm going..

haha. no pictures of me yet.
cause i'm the one yang took pictures of others.
ada la jugak yang amik, but haven't upload it yet. so wait.


ok bye.

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