Saturday, August 11, 2012

iftar ruban

after planning for quite some time.
at last, iftar day is today..

asalnya nak g seoul garden, but xjadi sebab xda tempaaat.
akhirnya kitorang g suria station dekat selayang ni je..

sebab kereta xda, aku tumpang kereta hanis. :)

rindu gile budak budak lama ni.
setaon kot lepak sama. mana lah x rapat kan??

talking about food, they are good. 
i ate grilled chicken chop with mushroom sauce.
and also tea o ais. 

i got my food quite late. 
but im so happy sebab my friends kept me fed by sharing their foods with me.
awww, so sweet of all of you. thanx you guys. 

so, picturees. :)

on our way to ze restaurantz (from syazmin's camera)

my lovely friends. (from hairi's instagram :P)

eh, baru perasan kat lua quite bright. macam makan tengah hari pulak. hahaha.

the whole group. i have to jengket jengket to make sure my face are shown clearly. muahahaha

yaa, i sat in between of asiah (one of my besties time ruban) and syidiq (sape entahh hahaha) just gurau, a friend of mine la of course. :) thanx you for the chicken and lamb. heee. 

yay. sayang korang sume. :D

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