Friday, July 9, 2010

it happen to be like this.

before, i used to be friend with her.
and also do now.
i am still her friends. (at least aku rasa macam ni.)

somehow, i do feel something is not right.
i feel some kind of distance between us.
a giant barrier, like a massive stone happen to be between us.
we see each other, but no longer mesra like before.
it really weirdddd.

and its not a nice feeling that make hati berbunga-bunga or whatesoeva.
hati jadi gundah gulana ada lah. 

but, still. i must carry on my life.
haha. ye la. i have 4 more years, minus, minus to spend here in UiTM.
so, stand still. be strong. focus. and moves foreward.

its tiring to think about the same problems over and over again duh. 

ps : i always got problems with friendship. am i being too sensitive? and get hurt over little things? 
and again, ps : i dont have mood to update about israk dan mikraj tuh. haha. insyaallah i will later on.


Nur Areefah said...

lek jeee

:-: Nizam27391 :-: said...

still ngan masalah kwan yang hari tu ker?

-mIsS fArAh- said...

buat cool jer..

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