Wednesday, December 14, 2011

what happen today?

today i clerked 2 patients.
sneak bitt of my clerking.

first case:

4 year old boy was admitted for fever for 4 days. suspected to have dengue.
assoc with diarrhea and mild vomitting. TRO thyphoid fever. 

i was like so blurr with how thyphoid fever presented. emm. need to revised on that!

this boy when he was 2 years old, he had kawasaki's disease.

red eye, red cracked lips, rash, high grade fever >5 days, strawberry tongue, red peripheral fingers.

please googled up strawberry tongue! nice images will popped out! :)

second case:

2 months girl,with bintik bintik on her badan. she has a very low platelet. 1 X 10^9. low gila. 
her diagnosis is ITP.

she's well and active. waiting to be discharged. 

k lah bye.

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