Wednesday, December 7, 2011

one word (konon)


thanx you Allah for the rezeki.
i passed O&G and Rural Health and Urban Health Posting.

terima kasih sangat.
not to forget to both my parent. 
for the do'a yang tak putus putus.
solat hajat segala.

too all my friends.
yang sama belajar.


another 3 postings more to go.

i will definitely do well.
especially my continuous assessment.
xboleh pandang ringan because there are peoople yang fail because of that.

insyaAllah. :) 

1 comment:

atiqah said said...

ye ke?? cont assessment ade yg fail bcoz of it?? apsal cont asessment dy sgt sikit ke?? ari tu aku risau gler kowt, markah CWU Dr. mini bagi sket gler..huhu

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