Saturday, December 3, 2011

quick recap


cerita 1

something bad happen on 25th november. 
last friday. REAAAL BAD. TOO BAD.

what is it? i'll write the details. T__T 
after things get straight up. 

cerita 2

just move to another posting. 
which is totally opposite with my previous-previous posting.
dealt with ssps, and next was woman and pregnant mother.
now is childrens.. babies.. 

so susah jugak lah. haih.

but, i'll learn tho. insyaAllah. 

cerita 3

anxiously waiting for the results.
i hope to passed with flying colours.


cerita 4

i jadi boss for my group this posting.
lets not be malas malas da. :) 

p/s : susah nya bila dah x mobile. 

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