Tuesday, December 13, 2011


please be safe!

ps :  auuww, kucing puss in boot ni comel betol! 

pss : huwaaa. baru balik dari hospital. but, tak de patients sangat.
sorang je yang baru admit.

dia ada tonic clonic seizure.

for the first time, i tengok tonic clonic live!
it happens every 15 minutes kot!
last for 2-3 sec only.

but, today got interesting cases.

first is NOMA or cancrum oris.

a very rare condition.
patient, 2 years old. presented to hospital with necrotizing facial mucosa.
the facial mucosa appeared thin, and got dark2 area which resembles dead tissue la.

second is lymphoma.

9 years old boy presented to hospital due to unilateral right distended abdo, hard and tender a/w night sweat, persistant fever, LOA, LOW, myalgia, athralgia ect.

k lah bye!

1 comment:

nuraru said...

ok this was the 1st time i heard bout noma.

p/s: puss in boot sgt comel!

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