Sunday, October 9, 2011

so-not-cool stuffs

i just recalled an advertisement on FLY FM if i'm not mistaken lah..
regarding people squatting on toilet bowl.

at the very firsssst time when i heard about the ads
i wassss like, WHY, WHY and WHY these kind of ads are existed?
paham x, macam pelik gila bila ads cam tuh wujud.
sebab i macam xleh terima ada manusia squatting atas mangkuk jambannn.

i cant accept the fact people squatting on that.
like, it is very super duper dangerousss whaaat.
and yet, why people still daredevil-lu climb onto the bowl and eventually squat on it?
x gayat kah?

whatever it is.
i can't accept and can't believe people would do thaat.

huuu, really.

ps : please don't squat on toilet bowl. it's dangerous people. why must do things that hazardous to you? 


Jo Qusary said...

I agree it's very dangerous to squat on toilet bowls... but then, part of their fault lies on the fact that most public places in Malaysia do not provide squatting toilets and not everyone, especially Muslims, likes to share those sitting toilets with strangers... who likes having their butt getting smeared with someone else's germs anyway...

plus, having only paper toilet rolls inside the cubicle, and no water hose? Insane. And this actually happens right in 'oh-so-modern-and-sophisticated' KL, PJ, Shah Alam, JB, Penang etc...

Ninie said...

sy lah slh sorg yg penah mcangkung atas jmbn duduk T___T mase kecik2 sll buat mcm tu sbb geli nak duduk.

tp da besar gedabak ni mmg x lah nak cangkung atas tu. mau pecah jmbn tu. skrg just avoid je tnds mcm tu. sy geliii dgn tnds duduk T__T

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